Vigo ’09

Working Group 3 meeting

Vigo, February 2009

This meeting was held on January 13-15 2009 in Vigo, Spain. Venue: CETMAR, provided by Institute of Marine Research (CSIC), acting as local organizer Dr.Fran Saborido-Rey.


  1.  To discuss and synthesize research being conducted in support of the Terms of Reference.
  2. To discuss modelling methods that are useful for incorporating biological information into assessments.

Four experts were invited for developing the agenda

Richard Hillary (Imperial College, UK)  showed his work on hierarchical models for fitting SR relationships, using it as an introduction to Bayesian HMs.

Paul Spencer (NOAA Fisheries, Alaska Fisheries Science Center, Seattle, WA) presented some of his research on Marine protected areas.

Yvan Lambert (DFO, Canada) led discussions on life history models applied to stock assessment.

Ed Trippel (DFO, Canada), showed  the experience of NAFO WG on Reproductive potential related to WG3.