Training Schools


Rules & Procedures

“Training Schools” within the frame of the Action topic are aimed to provide dissemination from the Action activities and intensive training in a new emerging subject in one of the laboratories of the Action with unique equipment or know how. Those attending are basically but not exclusively young researchers from across Europe but training Schools may also cover appropriate re-training as part of “life-long learning”.

COST Training Schools are a COST instrument for the dissemination of the scientific and technical results of COST Actions. Accordingly, the topic of the schools shall be focused on specific results, achievements and techniques which have been developed within a specific Action.
The Schools are not intended to provide general training/education. The duration of a training school would be normally less than 5 days and the total number of attendees not more than 30.

The following items can be reimbursed:

General support required for the organization such as meeting room rental, lecture materials, secretarial support, coffee breaks, technical equipment – same as for meeting suppor;Travel and subsistence for lecturers – same as for participants to COST meetings but no lecture fee; Fixed grants for attendees – amount to be decided by the MC. The grant cannot exceed the normal reimbursement rates of COST and as a general guide the fixed grant should be based on 80 € per day and most economic travel arrangement (normally not exceeding 200 €). The total grant per attendee shall normally not exceed 600 €.

The request for such a summer school has to be sent via the chair of the Management Committee (MC) after MC approval of the programme and the list of paid participants to the COST Office with the following documents:

  1. Detailed programme and aim of the training school;
  2. Support statement from the MC;
  3. Detailed financial support request for the organization of the meeting;
  4. List of lecturers with contact details and short C.V.;
  5. List of participants which have been selected by the MC to be eligible for the grant to attend the training school;
  6. Contact details.
  7. After receipt of the above documents COST Office will send acceptance letters to the local organizer, the lecturers and the participants.


Acceptance letter to local organizer      Sample acceptance letter to participant      Sample payment request form