NAFO Working Group on Reproductive Potential

NAFO Working Group on Reproductive Potential

The establishment of the Working Group on Reproductive Potential followed a recommendation of the Symposium on Variations in Maturation, Growth, Condition and Spawning Stock Biomass Production in Groundfish hosted by the NAFO Scientific Council from 9-11 September 1998, Lisbon, Portugal.

The Working Group was created in 2000, and the first meeting was held in San Sebastian, Spain. since then, the group has met eight times, the last one in Palermo, Italy in November 2008.

The work conducted within this group was organized around three consecutive set of Terms of Reference:

2000-2003. Four ToRs defined, resulting in 10 research papers.

2003-2008. Seven ToRs were defined.

2008-2011. Three ToRs were defined in June 2008. These are:

ToR 1:  Explore and conduct evaluation of underlying assumptions of protocols used to estimate total realized egg production of selected marine species and stocks

Co-Leaders:  Rick Rideout (DFO, Canada) and Rosario Dominguez (CSIC, Spain)

ToR 2:  Explore and investigate the potential effects of changes in water temperature and food supply on reproductive success in selected marine species and stocks

Co-Leaders:  Richard McBride (NMFS, USA) and Stylianos Somarakis (HCMR, Greece)

ToR 3:  Undertake appraisal of methods to improve fish stock assessments and fishery management advice that incorporate new biological data for highly exploited and closed fisheries

Co-Leaders:  Joanne Morgan (DFO, Canada) and Loretta O’Brien (NMFS, USA)


ToRs will be explored for stocks in the NAFO area where possible (e.g. 3NO cod, 3LNO American plaice, 3M cod, 3LNO yellowtail flounder, 2+3KLMNO Greenland halibut; Georges Bank cod) but stocks from the northeast Atlantic will be included as additional sources of information.