NAFO WGRP – 2nd set of ToRs

In 2002 was decided to continue with the WG. The 3rd meeting of the Working Group was held in October 15-18, 2003 in Woods Hole, USA. Discussion included progress on addressing the second set of ToRs and planning of future activities.

The terms of reference were:

  • ToR 1: Complete inventory of available data in standardized format on reproductive potential for fish stocks of the North Atlantic and Baltic Sea.
  • ToR 2: Explore the use of correlation analysis to estimate the reproductive potential of fish stocks having limited data availability.
  • ToR 3: Model the inter-annual and inter-stock variability in size-dependent fecundity for stocks having multi-year estimates.
  • ToR 4: Explore how the current use of biological reference points and medium-term projections can be adapted to include new information on reproductive potential.
  • ToR 5: Explore the consequences of fishery-induced changes in the timing and location of spawning to reproductive success.
  • ToR 6: Provide recommendations for the collection of required data in existing research surveys, sentinel fisheries and captive fish experiments that are required to improve annual estimates of reproductive potential for stocks varying in data availability.
  • ToR 7: Explore the effects of the environment on Stock Reproductive Potential and how these relate of ToRs 2, 3 and 4.

To address the second set of ToRs the WG has met four times:

  • 3rd Meeting. Held at the Northeast Fisheries Science Center in Woods Hole in October 15-18, 2003 was well attended, and successfully advanced the program in undertaking the second set of ToRs approved by NAFO Scientific Council. 18 participants from 9 countries attended. See this report
  • 4th meeting. Rome, Italy, at FAO headquarter in October 20-23, 2004. Report is being prepared and coming soon.
  • 5th meeting. MontJoli, Canada, at DFO in October 26-29, 2005. Report is being prepared and coming soon.
  • 6th meeting. Reykjavik, Iceland, in August 17-21, 2006. Report is being prepared and coming soon.
  • 7th meeting. Lisbon, Portugal, in October 4-6, 2007. Report is being prepared and coming soon.