Authors Title 
Michael Armstrong Establishing the biological basis for egg production based survey methods – a review of recent developments
Peter Witthames Can we simulate the seasonal egg production of cod using adult parameters?
Cindy van Damme Impact of stock structure diversity on egg production of NorthSea plaice
Stylianos Somarakis DEPM applications to the N. Aegean Sea anchovy stock(eastern Mediterranean): evidence for density-dependent dailyspecific fecundity
Maria Manuel Angélico IPIMAR´s Sardine Daily Egg Production Method: a review ofthe traditional estimation
Constantina Karlou-Riga Determinate or indeterminate fecundity in the case of picarel,Spicara smaris, in the Saronikos Gulf (Greece)?
Pierre Pepin Sampling variability of ichthyoplankton surveys
Dave Reid The triennial mackerel and horse mackerel egg survey: goodbut could get better?
Stéphanie Lelièvre Winter fish egg sampling in the North Sea: ContinuousUnderway Fish Eggs Sampler (CUFES) versus Vertical EggTrawl (VET)
Andrés Ospina-Álvarez Modelling the effect of buoyancy on the transport of anchovyeggs: a tool to improve the egg survey design
Cindy van Damme A modified daily egg production method for estimating horsemackerel spawning stock
Konstantinos Ganias Bathymetric segregation of spawning stages in the Atlanticsardine, Sardina pilchardus
Cindy van Damme Fish eggs in the lab
Konstantinos Ganias Thirty years of using the POFs method: Overview, problemsand alternatives
Audrey Geffen Egg development rates: stage duration or time to end of stage –a simple estimate with many potential pitfalls
Stéphanie Lelièvre Automatic quantification and recognition of winter fish eggs species in the Channel and the Southern North Sea using theZooScan imaging system
Stéphanie Lelièvre Identification of fish eggs in the Channel and southern North Sea by molecular analyses
Anders Thorsen Image analysis software for analysis of fecundity andplanktonic egg samples
Olav Sigurd Kjesbu Stereological calibration of the profile method to quickly estimate atresia levels in fish
Yutaka Kurita Generalized method for unbiased estimation of spawning frequency in multiple batch spawning fish
Konstantinos Ganias Use of an automated method to measure batch fecundity innon-hydrated females
Yutaka Kurita Oocyte packing density: further development of the theory forbroader applications
Dolores Garabana Use of paraffin versus resin for histological tissue processing inmackerel (Scomber scombrus)
Lindsay McPherson A morphological Marker of the initiation of first maturation in Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus L.)
Natalya Yaragina Improvement of the Northeast arctic cod stock reproductive potential indices through accounting for skipped spawning using visual gonad determinations
Nancy Lo Daily egg production method applied to Pacific sardine(Sardinops sagax) off California from 1986-2009: Progress andchallenges
Yorgos Stratoudakis Modelling in egg production estimation of fish spawning biomass: understanding and accounting for temporal and spatialvariation in biological processes
Miguel Bernal Spatially-explicit spawning biomass estimation of sardine(Sardina pilchardus) in the Iberian Peninsula: a DEPMexample
Miguel Bernal Beyond the egg production methods: using reproductive parameters from egg production surveys to estimatereproductive expenses of (pelagic) fish
David Maxwell Egg production estimates in the Irish Sea: The effects of modelling choices and assumptions
Andrés Uriarte Population at age estimates and variances from the application of the Daily Egg Production Method: Case study of anchovy
Paco Melià Stock assessment of the European anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) via DEPM: a non-parametric application to the Ligurian Sea stock
Stéphanie Lelièvre Fluctuations of spawning locations of fish eggs in the North Sea between 2006-2009