Cadiz ’09

4th Workshop on Gonadal Histology of Fishes

Cádiz, June 16-19

A workshop for researchers working on all aspects of reproduction and gonadal histology of fishes was held June 16-19, 2009, in El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, Spain, at the Fisheries and Aquatic Research Center “El Toruño”. This workshop was organized by the COST Action FA0601 “Fish Reproduction and Fisheries” (FRESH) and the American Fisheries Society (AFS Marine Fisheries Section). This workshop  encompassed scientists  working on all aspects of the reproduction of marine teleosts, freshwater teleosts and elasmobranchs from diverse locations, and  included presentations on gonadal histology from a broad selection of fish taxa representing diverse reproductive strategies and geographical ranges.

The workshop was built on the successful “Third Workshop on Gonadal Histology of Fishes”, held July 2006 in New Orleans, USA.  The objectives of this workshop were to present a wide range of histological approaches being used to better understand the reproductive dynamics of fishes and to promote discussion of reproductive themes critical to sustainable fisheries within an histological context.  A major consideration of the workshop were the effects of fecundity, atresia, intersex, and other histological indicators on reproductive potential, and how these histological observations can be used as ecosystem status indicators.


Symposia themes:

i.    Female and male reproductive strategies: Differences in gametogenesis across species.

ii.  Characterization and differentiation among reproductive phases with an emphasis on fecundity types, skipped spawning and abnormalities1

iii. Determination of temporal patterns of reproductive activity

iv. Reproductive terminology

Scientific steering commitee

  • Fran Saborido-Rey,  Institute of Marine Research (CSIC), Spain
  • Nancy Brown-Peterson, University of Southern Mississippi, USA
  • Jonna Tomkiewicz, Technical University of Denmark (DTU Aqua), Denmark
  • Susan Lowerre-Barbieri, Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, USA
  • Hilario Murua, AZTI Tecnalia, Spain
  • David Wyanski,  South Carolina Marine Resources Research Institute, USA
  • María A. Bruzón, Fishing and Aquatic Research Center, Spain

Book of Abstracts